Printing on ultra-thin paper is a rare specialism. We have printed tens of millions of Bibles over the 158 years that we have been in business. In 2009, we introduced the flipback format and patented it. We print for our in-house publishing houses, but we also print to order. You can rely on us for Bibles, hymn books, catalogues, manuals, statute books, travel guides and all other content-driven products that are at their best when in a compact format. Together we highlight your story in the best possible manner.

For Bible and hymn book publishers

For the production of Bibles and hymnbooks, much experience, knowledge, and craftsmanship are needed. According to your wishes, we use high-quality paper varying from 22g to 70g for printing in practically any format. For the reading experience, the readability of both Bibles and hymnbooks is essential, so we advise on design, font, and type page and area. We print Bibles and hymnbooks in black or black with a supporting colour.
Our main strength is in the luxury segment of the market. Due to our craftsmanship, the possibilities are endless. As almost anything is possible, we are happy to serve you with our advice. We help in choosing covers, types of leather, ribbon-markers, thumb indexes, gilded and coloured edges, and anything else needed to produce a luxury publication. Thanks to our folding and binding techniques, the books we produce do open neatly.
As far as we are concerned, the most beautiful book has still to be published. We would love to realize this in cooperation with you.

For mainstream book publishers

Every book deserves to be a ‘flipback book’ (known in Dutch as a “dwarsligger”). In developing this new type of book, we succeeded in opening up a new dimension in book reading. Thanks to their readability, quality and compactness, our unique, crosswise printed books are valued by readers all over the world. At the same time, our books printed in a more standard format look distinguished as well. Due to the high quality thin paper we use, our books are more compact and easy to handle, whether they are a work of fiction or non-fiction, or a catalogue or any other special publication such as a travel guide or a cookery book. Every book has its own function. A travel guide needs a different way of manufacturing than an art book, and a novel deserves a different cover than a cookery book. For each book, Royal Jongbloed Printing & Binding has the right solution. Our folding and binding techniques ensure a book to open neatly. We have possibilities to give your books any kind of cover you wish … anything is possible. You may wish to consider to have your content printed on thin paper at Royal Jongbloed Printing & Binding. Your book retains its premium appearance, but is also is more compact and easy to handle. The enjoyment of your readers will certainly increase. A book produced by Royal Jongbloed, is a book for life.

For specialist publishers

Good content thrives when it has plenty of space. In some cases a great deal of space is even needed. When books with a great density of information are printed on thin paper, they become more easily manageable. Innovation is a constant drive for the Royal Jongbloed Group. According to The New York Times, we even reinvented reading by introducing our patented ‘flipback book’ concept. We look forward to cooperate with you to develop new formats for your professional publications. Law books, catalogues, manuals, art books and scientific publications are much more compact and space friendly, when printed on thinner paper than in their usual form. They are also more readily carried along. With the right touch provided by Royal Jongbloed Printing & Binding, your publication is turned into a premium product that is not only unusually functional, but also remarkably long-lasting.

For the business community

Royal Jongbloed Printing & Binding is well know for its Bibles and ‘flipback books’. But this does not mean that these are all we produce. Printing on thin paper is also extremely suitable for manuals, instruction leaflets, catalogues and anniversary books. The thinnest paper we use is 22g, which is best comparable to very high-quality tissue paper. The heaviest our rotary presses can manage, is 70g paper. In all cases the paper is of such high quality that it results in a beautiful publication, ensuring the best possible presentation of your content.

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