Amersfoort/Heerenveen, 02 September 2021

Jongbloed Grafisch Bedrijf BV (part of Royal Jongbloed) and Wilco to enter into partnership

Royal Jongbloed and Wilco have reached an agreement about a collaboration between Jongbloed Grafisch Bedrijf BV and Wilco. Wilco will acquire an interest in Jongbloed Grafisch Bedrijf BV as of 1 October. The companies will strengthen each other through this collaboration.

Jongbloed Grafisch Bedrijf BV is one of the subsidiaries of Royal Jongbloed. Jongbloed Grafisch Bedrijf BV has a strong international position in the niche market of thinprint and is known worldwide as the printer of the flipback and of Bibles in the luxury segment. Originally a family business, Wilco is a specialised printing company that produces books and book-related products for publishers and companies industrially. Wilco is an important player in the Western European book and magazine market.

Royal Jongbloed sees Wilco as the right strategic partner to help Jongbloed Grafisch Bedrijf BV grow further, since Wilco’s economies of scale and expertise can accelerate the growth and development of Jongbloed Grafisch Bedrijf BV.  For Wilco, the thinprint specialism provided by Jongbloed Grafisch Bedrijf BV constitutes an addition to their product portfolio. Moreover, the strong international position of Jongbloed Grafisch Bedrijf BV offers opportunities for Wilco to grow internationally with its current product portfolio.

About Wilco

Wilco is a family business with approximately 400 employees working at several locations in the Netherlands. Wilco has grown into one of the largest players in the printing industry in Western Europe. Quality and customer orientation are of paramount importance at Wilco.

About Royal Jongbloed

Jongbloed was founded in 1862. In that year, Auke Jongbloed started a shop in office and writing supplies in Leeuwarden. Jongbloed has since grown into a well-known thinprint that operates worldwide, as well as a publisher of Bibles, books and magazines in the Netherlands. Since 2013, Jongbloed is entitled to add the designation Royal to its name. Royal Jongbloed is currently located in Heerenveen and has approximately 110 employees.


For more information, please contact:

Robert Jan de Rooij | CEO Wilco | + 31 88-1105 500

Matthy Groen | CEO Royal Jongbloed | +31 6-13 32 90 61