Royal Jongbloed Publishing works with numerous Bible translations, imprints and magazines. We offer a broad and varied range, which reflects our readership. We try to build bridges with our publishing activities. We bring people closer to God’s word and closer to each other. We connect authors and readers and try to provide answers to life’s questions. Royal Jongbloed Group’s publishing houses are for everyone who enjoys reading spiritual stories.

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The Bible is the most widely read book on earth, and will always remain so. It gives answers to crucial questions. The impact of the Bible is unparalleled. It is a source of life, art, law, creativity, forms of social interaction and moral understanding. The versatility of the Bible is reflected in our publications, both in their design and in their translations. We have Dutch-language Bibles in the States Translation (Statenvertaling), the Revised States Translation, the Roman Catholic Willibrord Translation and the modern “Het Boek” version. The texts in the “Het Boek” Bible are recounted in plain words, thought by thought. You can always find the Bible that is right for you at Royal Jongbloed Publishing. Bibles that are both meaningful and inspiring.


The book is here to stay, even in a world that is becoming increasingly digitalised. A book offers relaxation and inspiration and connects the reader to the author and vice versa. We publish the most beautiful books you can imagine for a wide range of target audiences. With fiction, non-fiction, day books, hymn books and other publications we want to make an impact on Christian readers and readers who have questions about faith and spirituality. We are proud of the bookshops that sell our publications. We are proud of the authors who tell splendid stories. We are also proud that we are able to make a difference for so many people with our books.


Our magazines address issues that are important in the lives of our target audiences. Jente supports young parents who want to give their child a solid foundation. The magazine is based on the cornerstones of faith, family and enjoyment. Elisabethbode offers readers a personal way to draw on solace and support from the Christian faith. The magazine is packed with information on contemporary themes. It is published every two weeks and is targeted at active people aged 50 and over.

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