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This is how you get at Royal Jongbloed.


Royal Jongbloed Publishing works with numerous Bible translations, imprints and magazines. We offer a broad and varied range, which reflects our readership. We try to build bridges with our publishing activities. We bring people closer to God’s word and closer to each other. We connect authors and readers and try to provide answers to life’s questions. Royal Jongbloed Group’s publishing houses are for everyone who enjoys reading spiritual stories.

Arjan Bikker, Manager Sales & Marketing
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Printing & Binding

Printing on ultra-thin paper is a rare specialism. We have printed tens of millions of Bibles over the 156 years that we have been in business. In 2009, we introduced the flipback format and patented it. We print for our in-house publishing houses, but we also print to order. You can rely on us for Bibles, hymn books, catalogues, manuals, statute books, travel guides and all other content-driven products that are at their best when in a compact format. Together we highlight your story in the best possible manner.

Hermen Veneberg, Sales Manager
 +31 (0)652 446 039


Royal Jongbloed Education develops educational methods for children aged between two and twelve under the name Groen Educatief. Our long-standing focus has been on Christian schools. However, a number of our educational methods are also suitable for non-faith primary education. For us it is important that children and education professionals are able to use teaching programmes that prove their effectiveness and value on a daily basis.

Henk Wilpstra, Account Manager
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