Royal Jongbloed Education develops educational methods for children aged between two and twelve under the name Groen Educatief. Our long-standing focus has been on Christian schools. However, a number of our educational methods are also suitable for non-faith primary education. For us it is important that children and education professionals are able to use teaching programmes that prove their effectiveness and value on a daily basis.

For Christian primary education

The Christian identity is key to the education that you offer and for the atmosphere at your school. Naturally, you also want educational programmes that fit with the special emphasis on faith at your school. When you provide education based on the Bible, and that translates into daily life, then you need to be able to rely on teaching programmes that support your views. At Groen Educatief, we understand this better than anyone else. The materials for the study programmes consist of basic materials, extra materials for children who want to be challenged and materials for remedial teaching. The software for the digital blackboard allows you to make lessons more interactive and effective. In this way, together we can get the best out of your pupils.

For non-faith primary education

Groen Educatief focuses particularly on the development of children aged from two to seven with the Bas Educatie and My Name is Tom study programmes. We offer an extensive programme of products for early childhood education (VVE), home, school and after-school care (BSO). Children learn English effortlessly with My name is Tom. The materials by Bas Educatie provide excellent opportunities for designing education in groups 1 and 2. Clear descriptions and overviews allow you to focus work on language and numeracy education. The method contains three levels of detail for each theme, which allows you to offer teaching materials to each child at their own level.

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