Society is going digital. However, the special feeling that comes with paper editions will always remain. Royal Jongbloed Group is a pioneering producer of Bibles and books on ultra-thin paper. We publish magazines, teaching programmes, books, Bibles, and hymn books that move and excite millions of readers across the world. Our royal insignia is a source of pride for us. It reinforces our duty to strive every day for the highest quality.

The most beautiful book is still to be made

Who are we?

Royal Jongbloed Group is made up of three members: Printing & Binding, Publishing and Education. The enthusiasm and dedication with which Auke Jongbloed flung open the doors to his office and writing supplies shop in 1862 lives on unabated in the company. Our staff form a tight-knit team that rapidly and appropriately responds to the needs of our clients and customers. It is an honour for us to be able to play a significant role from Heerenveen in the lives of so many people.


At Royal Jongbloed Group, we believe that the most beautiful book and the best Bible still need to be made. By pooling our strengths as a publisher, producer, and distributor of spiritual and Christian publications and educational programs, we make a difference for every reader. We publish books, magazines, Bibles, and hymn books that people look out for. We develop the best learning methods imaginable for children in primary education. Furthermore, our ambition with our graphics firm is to become the world standard for books printed on ultra-thin paper and Bibles. Both in terms of printing & binding. Something that is not yet possible today, will be possible in the future.


The impact we make with our products is the result of the passion and inspiration that our staff put into their work. We want to inspire readers and clients with our craftsmanship. That applies to our printers, our binders, and the staff at our publishing house. We closely follow developments so that we can publish and produce products that are embraced by our target audience. We try to make the difference with every single bible, book, and magazine that we make. We are 100 like-minded colleagues and we devote our knowledge and talents to giving our clients what they are looking for.

Printing & Binding

Printing on ultra-thin paper is a rare specialism. We have printed tens of millions of Bibles over the one hundred and fifty years we have been in business. Royal Jongbloed Group developed and obtained a patent for the flipback book in 2009 on the basis of this experience. The thin paper and flipback format of these unique books make them extremely compact and environmentally friendly. It has even been said that we reinvented the book with the flipback format.
We also print books in portrait format on ultra-thin paper. Catalogues  and manuals too. And all other forms of content-driven products that are at their best when they are in a compact format. The characteristics of the paper and the craftsmanship of our printers ensure that our books are extremely easy to read. This enables us to highlight your story in the best possible manner.