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Are you looking for a premium book printer or bookbinder? Are you looking for a publisher of Bibles, valuable books and magazines? Or are you looking for an educational programme that fits with the special emphasis on faith or spirituality at your school? In all these cases, your story starts with Royal Jongbloed Group in Heerenveen.

We print your books, Bibles, flipback books and other valuable publications on ultra-thin paper. That is our specialism. And with our printing & binding activities we are even world-leaders. We turn your luxury books and Bibles into exclusive publications in exactly the way that you would like. Our craftmanship has won over the hearts of tens of millions of people.

Innovation is the constant driving force at Royal Jongbloed Group. According to the New York Times, we even reinvented reading with our patented flipback book (known in Dutch as a “dwarsligger”). Renowned publishing firms such as AMBO|Anthos in the Netherlands and Penguin in the United States choose us to print their best titles in flipback format.

Our in-house publishing house focuses mainly on Christian and spiritual books, Bibles and magazines. We also develop well-rounded and contemporary educational programmes for primary level education.

Early this year, Royal Jongbloed Group incorporated its four core activities into separate entities. This allows us to offer you the best possible service. Our combined strength as a producer, publisher, and distributor means we can really make a difference for you. We believe that the best Bible and the most beautiful book are still to be made. This is something we will be pleased to achieve together with you. What is impossible today, will definitely be possible in the future.


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